The first Harster dentist was Don Francesc Harster, of Alsatian origin. Up to his death, in 1964, he had dental offices in Barcelona and Vilafranca del Penedès, where he was very esteemed as a responsible and competent professional. Still now, fifty years later, there are elderly patients who remember him with affection.

Francesc Harster was the inspiration for the vocation for Dental medicine in his sons: Pere and Jordi. Both have had in Med.Dent a brilliant professional career, being able to surround themselves by teams of highly motivated and competent professionals. As a result, this surname constitutes the link of union between two dental clinics, Bonadex S.L. and Clínica Dental Bonanova which, in spite of sharing common particularities, are independent of each other.

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    Dr. Jordi Harster i Nadal

    Dr. Harster i Prats

    Dr. Francesc i Palau

    Dra. Susana Rodríguez Vidal

    Dr. Eduardo Pla Casas


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    Dr. Pere Harster i Nadal

    Dra. Dolores Rodríguez Andújar

    Dr. Jordi López-Roura

    Dra. Eche Boniquet

    De. Guillem Harster i Solsona